Pedicures and Reflexology

We are dedicated to providing you with the most natural and sanitary nail care available. All of our implements are sterilized using hospital-grade procedures to ensure your health and safety.

Marilynn does our Foot Reflexology and Pedicures. Relexology is a method for stimulating the reflexes in the feet to cause reactions in corresponding parts of the body. The reaction could be described as relaxation or returning to equilibrium.

Dawn is our Medical Pedicures specialist and is a certified Pedologist.


A pedicure is a spa treatment to clean, trim, buff, scrub, paint, and just-plain pamper your toenails.


Mini Pedicure

Get a quick clean-up of your toes.


Child Pedicure


Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure is a procedure performed by highly skilled foot care specialists. Guaranteed to be safe and hygienic.


Toenail Clipping


Foot Reflexology - Therapeutic

45 to 60 minutes


Foot Reflexology - Relaxation

15 to 30 minutes